Xiang county future experimental school kitchen utensils and flue project tender announcement
Every bidding company:My company is hunan county future experimental school kitchen utensils and flue bidding for the project engineering,The scale of the school for boarding school,Repast personnel have primary school、Junior middle school and the teacher have about three thousand five hundred employees。The dining room restaurant for two layer(A、The second floor)Belongs to the second dining room at the provincial level standard,Do not contain civil rectification part。The project engineering drawings and kitchen utensils and appliances by my company name、The number、Specifications、Brand and quality requirements,Are now in the public bidding to the society,Welcome to conform to the requirements of the tender,Have the kitchen utensils and appliances、The flue、The installation qualification,With the performance capacity of the unit to consulting and bidding。1.Construction site:Star sand town of qing dynasty avenue and boya road interchange,Xiang county experimental school in the future2.Tenderers qualification requirements:2.1Suppliers as a legal person business license(Copy)Copy2.2The legal representative accredit a power of attorney the original and photocopy of id on both sides2.3Supplier tax registration certificate copy2.4Supplier of social insurance registration certificate or pay social insurance certificate copy2.5Gas stoves《Hunan province pipeline burning appliances air fitment directory》Products(Must be within the period of validity)2.6Bidders to submit credentials information prior to the deadline listed in breach of the list of the person subjected to execution,Will be refused to participate in the bidding。3.A project subject to tender:3.1Kitchen appliances and related products3.2Flue production and production4.The bidding time tentatively:2019Years5Month13Get the tender,Pay for the time2019Years5Month23Day5.Please take a second related qualification certificates for when signing up6.Contact information:The delegate:Hunan changsha county experimental school the tenderer in the future:Hunan investment group co., LTD. Address in the future:Changsha xingsha star sand our road open source xin city hotel the fourteenth floor, zip code:410100Contacts:Telephone contact miss tang:0731-84023838-9997Unit to work time:8:00-12:00,14:00-17:30Hunan future investment group co., LTD2019-05-07
Xiang county experimental school in the future2019In body art especially immortal enrollment notice
Xiang county future experimental school is founded by hunan future investment development co., LTD,To a ChangJun middle school is responsible for the overall management of a grade 1-9 full boarding school,The existing primary and secondary schools64A class,The students3100More than,The staff360More than。School development receives ChangJun spirit in one hundred,Positive psychology education essence,Create happiness education culture xiang county。Schools to happiness education“One+Courses”On the basis of,Fusion of positive psychology education concept,Upgrading courses、Outreach programmes,Successively won the Chinese private education、The characteristics of traditional national youth football school、The national la-la-la demonstration school、Hunan province
Big girl 丨 king in the future·Flood the city,The first brand in the login!
“Read all the parenting jewel,Still with a doll”,This is probably the parents of a common word,But soon after the star sand parents are blessed!One-stop children's themeMALLKing in3.23Officially signed a contract in the future·Flood the city!??????Industry: children's well-known brands in China,Domestic retail chain service outstanding enterprises,Full of tong qu happy kingdom!??“King”The specialty is engaged in: children's one-stop shopping goods and provide comprehensive value-added services,Committed to based on the customer relations management of innovative new family full channel service providers,Is China's leading brand of maternal and infant children's retail and value added services。??Since2009Since,Based on the subject and the mother0-14Children aged to provide one-stop service growth,Up to now,King has been in the country20Provinces100Multiple cities opened near200Large children's themeMall,Committed to optimizing the lives of children in Chinese families,China's new family become the preferred provider,Service over tens of millions of Chinese families。????????????Every experience store food section、Products area、Garment district toys area、Children's park area、Handmade area、E-book exchange,And can meet the prospective mother0-14Years old children to eat、To drink、To play、Le、Learn a one-stop shopping needs。??The king's house,Will make the future·In the city of diffuse forms more rich,To inject fresh vigor to the star sand factor,Let's have fun life circle build loose and lake。??The future flood city is located in the star sand avenue and lakeside road double main huijin Angle,Cover an area of an area111m,Total building area23.5Million square meters。Is a concentration of high-end residential、Light luxury apartments、Grade a office and close5Ten thousand square cultural art commercial blocks of lakeside commercial complex projects。Good news came in succession recently have stores!The first brand in landing!In the future·Diffuse city is expected2019.6Soft opening,Then hurry to experience、To live、Diffuse、Enjoy,Style extremely one-stop shopping district!